Mum, you are the best

Don’t know about you all but I had a problem booking a table for the coming Mother’s Day celebrations.

I didn’t know it was so difficult and frustrating to book a table.

Mind you, it’s just a table for two, and not half the café outlets or restaurant, okay?

The answer I got from most of the “managers” were “sorry, we are fully booked.”

Yes, I mentioned managers because I went to not one but several restaurants and cafes to book a table, for two.

I asked how long ago and they all replied two months ago. Gosh, that means their reservations were taken up as early as in March!

I love my mum. I owe her, quite literally, my life.

She will without fail, wakes up at 5am to prepare for school. There’s always pocket money for me to school.

And whenever I fall sick, she’s always around to ensure that I fully recover.

And who else prepares lunch and dinner for the family?

I just want to book a table for dinner with her on this special occasion.

Yet, there’s none for me. How disappointing. How heart-breaking.

Mother’s day is an important day the entire universe celebrate and honour our dearest mother. The one and only.

Hey, there’s no such thing as having two mothers, unless …

Yes, we may have treated our mum to dinner every now and then but then, this day is special.

It belongs to her, just her. It is an occasion for us to tell her how much we love her, how much we do care for her and how much she meant to us.

That’s fine if we were to shed a tear or two as we, gripping her hands firmly as we pour out our feelings to her, emotionally.

That, without her toiling day and night to see us grow up during our adolescent years, we would not have grown up to be what we are today.

Mother, without doubt, is the greatest person in our life that God has given to every child.

Try recalling, whom did you first shouted for help when a group of street dogs chased after you. Naturally, I screamed for her as I ran frantically for my life.

See who would make it a point to see you during every visitors’ day when you are behind bars?

Open your eyes and see who’s beside your hospital bed when you woke up from surgery?

Well, there are countless touching and unforgettable musical tributes that were written with mom in mind.

That’s the power of a mother’s love.

Now, I want a table for two! I want to celebrate Mother’s day with my mother.

A table for two for me to reflect the good old days how my mum cared for me and the undivided love she showered me.

Never mind that she was long gone, just as I turned 19.

Happy Mother’s Day, world.

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