Look, we are open seven days a week!

Ya, you can describe me as a workaholic. By the way, I am also a bookworm.

It is not wrong to say that both likes quite place to work and to catch up with their reading.

From morning until evening; undisturbed, if possible.

By the beach, you may suggest to read the entire novel, but to work, possibly not.

You still need a laptop to work nowadays and the vital Internet connection, i to connect to the outside world to know what’s going on and to check on the Internet of things.

For both weekends? Not so easy to find that kind of place unless you are holed up in your own house all by yourself.

Well, if you are thinking of stopping by at a co-working space, there are aplenty within the township, but none operate on both Saturday and Sunday.

We are. MSOGO Coworking Space operates seven days a week, from 10am to 10pm.

An undisputable workspace located right smack at the heart of George Town city.

Grab a one-day pass ticket from us that entitles you to unlimited rounds of coffee and snacks to finish your work while your family embarks on a shopping frenzy.

It’s a chic and cozy setting here at MSOGO.

The air-conditioning is always at full blast and WiFi connections strong.

Come do your work here if you still need to finish it on both Saturday or Sunday.

What more do you want?

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