Coworking Space as Defined

So now you somehow must have, at one time or another, heard of coworking space, right?

It’s a chic office set up, elegantly and stylishly, to say the least.

Yes, they are unlike those offices setting the normal 9am -5pm white-collar workers routinely work.

Go Google search coworking spaces around the world and see for yourself how pleasingly ingenious these offices are set up with their respective grandiose and professionally designed decor.

Well, as I know, there is at least one such space operator in Penang said to have spent more than RM10 million in their renovation to compete in this demanding and challenging multi-million ringgit business industry.

So cool and real.

Still, for a coworking space to function effectively and successfully in bringing the crowd and businesses, the prerequisite of it is to be located in prime and central business locations or shopping malls and even perhaps near a public transportation hub.

You win handsomely if parking facilities are ample and if possible, the built-up is staggeringly sized between 25,000 sq ft and 60,000 sq ft.

So when did this phenomenon business of co-working space and who really started?

American software engineer Brad Neuberg was credited with starting the coworking business 2005 by creating space for the working community in San Francisco with flexible desks for teams and individuals.

Having said that, co-working space not only offers fully serviced and virtual offices for entrepreneurs, growing businesses but independent and mobile professionals to work alongside one another.

In fact, they are more than space.

Walk into any out the office and one can immediately notice that it feels different from a regular office, what with its comfy sofas, desks in front of floor-to-ceiling windows and private cubicles and rooms and, if viewed from a tower block, the spectacular scenes outside.

Whether you need a workplace for an hour, a day, or many times per month, they have the plan to choose from.

More importantly, everything is free here at a coworking space.

There’s no need to pay for the high-speed Internet connections, air-conditioning, electricity and water bills, office furniture except for the package you have penned.

That’s today’s coworking space for you.

Like they say, just sign up and move in with your personal laptop.

Ah, the smell of fresh coffee in the air.

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